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Space4u is the first party travel operator in Slovakia offering regular easy and comfortable drop-offs and pick-ups directly at various electronic dance events anywhere in Europe by a dedicated bus – the partybus.

The partybus guarantees always a great bunch of people, fun and entertainment already on the way to the event and ofcourse also on the way back. During the journey only relevant music CDs or DVDs are played on board of the bus, allowing also the passengers to bring and play their own favourite tracks. Live DJ playing on board of some of our partybusses, including a separate powerfull sound system, has become a popular speciality attracting more and more party travellers. A free ice-cold Jägermeister welcome drink is a certainty, tombola on the bus with various prizes and presents from our partners as well as special discounts or promotions at our partners´ shops, all these are further benefits when travelling with

Including responsible "trip leaders" and/or stewards, who take care of all passenger requests and wishes during the journey, the partybus is the perfect way to enjoy the event itself even more after a pleasant warmup-party on the bus. The partybus is perfect not only for couples and groups but also provides a comfortable option for single travellers who would probably stay at home without our service. Last but not least, everybody can revive their memories anytime through our photos and videos from the journey.

The partybus starts generally in Bratislava, the capitol of Slovakia, but in case of more inquiries we also offer starting points in other slovak cities. Our professional drivers always take undisturbed time to sleep at a nearby hotel and they are ready to pick you up after the event, usually 30-60 minutes before leaving the venue.

Now nobody has to worry about drinking and driving anymore, keeping the driving licence on mind and better leaving the car at home. No more waiting for trains or busses, no more public transport chasing, save money also on parking fees.

Let us take care of all travel issues and concentrate on the most important – your favourite headliners, music and fun! Join us at and choose your next partybus roadtrip!



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